Motor Accidents/Incidents

MOTOR ACCIDENTS: 028 907 22804

If you have been involved in an accident, or your car has been stolen or is damaged by fire, you should contact our Claims Team on 028 907 22804 who will advise you how to proceed.

You will be asked to do the following:

a) Supply as much information as you can concerning the incident. This may be:

  • Completing a Motor Accident Report Form or Motor Theft Report Form, whichever is appropriate;
  • Telephoning our Claims Team directly who will then take any action necessary to deal with your claim.

b) Send a copy of your driving licence, VRD, MOT Certificate, purchase receipts and spare keys if your car has been stolen.

c) Send any communication you receive in connection with your claim to:

Contac Claims Limited
4-8 Kilcoole Park
BT14 8LB

You must not admit liability or deal with any correspondence yourself.

d) Report any vandalism or theft to the police and obtain a crime report number.

Please note: Even if you are not covered for damage to your car, you must still advise us of the incident, and you must confirm whether anyone else was involved in the accident who may have suffered an injury or damage to their property.

Windscreen Claims

WINDSCREEN CLAIMS: 0800 044 3237

All Comprehensive Xtra policies include Windscreen Cover.

During the period of insurance, if the windscreen or windows of your car are damaged, you should:

a) Telephone our approved repairer Autoglass on 0800 044 3237 You will need your current certificate of motor insurance, your statement of insurance and/or schedule ready to confirm that you are covered for this damage.

b) You will be given advice on whether your windscreen can be repaired rather than replaced. If it is possible to have your windscreen repaired, you will not have to pay any excess.

c) If it is not possible to repair your windscreen or if the damage is to the windows of your car, we will instead arrange for it to be replaced. You will be asked to pay any excess shown in your statement of insurance and/or schedule for the replacement of the windscreen or body glass.

Breakdown Assistance


All Xtra policies include Breakdown Assistance.

Under the terms, conditions and exclusions of the breakdown assistance policy MIS Claims will arrange for your vehicle to be taken to:

a) The nearest repairer;

b) Secure premises or;

c) Your home, if closer

This service is provided throughout Ireland and the United Kingdom. If your vehicle is immobilised as a result of electrical or mechanical breakdown or accident (including fire or malicious damage) please contact the MIS Helpline on the numbers below as soon as possible

United Kingdom Roadside Assistance: 028 9048 5219
Republic of Ireland Roadside Assistance: 01 804 4328

Please note: if you should engage the services of any recovery operator prior to contacting the Helpline any costs that you incur are not covered by this policy.

Once you have reported a claim, we receive regular updates from the insurer so you can check its progress online by logging in to "MyIts4women" .

If the loss or damage to your car is covered by this policy and you use the approved repairer of our choice, we will, subject to availability, provide a courtesy car while repairs to your car are being carried out. If the parts required to repair your car are not immediately available to our approved repairer, we reserve the right to withhold the provision of a courtesy car until such time as the necessary parts are available and repair work can proceed.

Courtesy cars are usually small cars with a manual gearbox. A courtesy car is not intended to be an exact replacement for your car.

All courtesy cars will have comprehensive cover under the terms, conditions and endorsements of your existing policy for the period of the loan, regardless of the level of cover you have for your car.

We will provide this cover for free for a maximum of 14 days if the car is provided by our approved repairer. Courtesy or hire cars provided by other garages may incur a cost.

Please note: a courtesy car cannot be provided in the event of a theft and total loss claim and will only be provided once your claim has been accepted and cover has been confirmed.

Please email and provide the following

  • Police Station
  • Name and;
  • Policy Number