and Action Cancer Saving Mum
"Three years ago bar manager Paula Simms (48) went through the pain and suffering of breast cancer but her inspiring story..."


The Top 10 Car Insurance Myths
"Car insurance can be confusing, especially when there are so many myths circulating. You need to know the FACTS from the FICTION..."


Total Body Cardio: Fighting Fit Friday Week 4
"Week 4 follows the same pattern as the previous weeks, as we team up with its4women’s brand ambassador and Northern Ireland’s..."


Ready, Set, Abs! Fighting Fit Friday Week 3
"Welcome to week 3 of Fighting Fit Friday with its4women. We are so excited to be joining you on your 4-week feel-good workout journey..."


Upper Body Workout for women! Fighting Fit Friday Week 2
"Welcome back to Fighting Fit Friday’s with its4women! We hope you felt motivated and energised after week 1. Fighting Fit Workouts can be done anywhere anytime, before..."


Start the new decade with our Fighting Fit Friday Workouts!
"We’re so excited to get started on this amazing 4-week journey with you all. We’ve teamed up with former world karate and kickboxing champion Cathy McAleer..."


Cathy McAleer: Punching into 2020 with First Boxing Bout
"Its4women ambassador, and Northern Ireland's only female professional boxer Cathy McAleer is set for her first fight of 2020 in Birmingham on 22nd February..."


Women of Northern Ireland we urge you to become ‘Breast Friends’ in aid of Action Cancer
" and Action Cancer are asking ladies across Northern Ireland to get together and become ‘Breast Friends’ to help save lives by raising funds..."

10/September/2019 empowers Rebecca McKinney’s ‘Stylist Supper Club’ in...
"Online insurance provider has teamed up with Rebecca McKinney's 'Stylist Supper Club' at Cafe Parisien in Belfast..."


Rebecca McKinney presents Stylist Supper Club...
"We are thrilled to announce our new partnership with Rebecca McKinney – will be sponsoring Rebecca’s Stylist Supper Club in..."

08/August/2019 Becomes First Brand to Sign Long Term Deal with...
" and its agency BConnected Media have teamed up with Belfast International Airport to deliver another ground-breaking media..."


Ulster Senior Open Championships, sponsored by its4women...
"Congratulations to everyone who took part in the recent Ulster Senior Open Championships sponsored by..."


Spirit of Northern Ireland Awards...
"The Spirit of Sport award sponsored by was recently presented to Paul Tyrrell at the Sunday Life Spirit..."


Ib for £ Challenge Success!...
"Our incredible staff are at it again, always making us extremely proud! This time they took on the task of promoting..."


5 top tips for dealing with stress...
"Did you know that April is Stress Awareness month? We have teamed up with Action Mental Health to bring you 5 top..."


The 10 driving habits that can damage your car...
"Are your bad driving habits placing your car under unnecessary strain? We’ve put together a list of 10 things that could..."


St Patrick’s Day 2019 – What’s on?...
"It’s that time of the year where the streets are a flood with a sea of green. Crack out your stripy tights..."


‘’ launch in Northern Ireland with £1million...
"As part of the launch activity, will sponsor mid mornings on Cool FM, Downtown..."


Simple Way to Improve Your Reversing Skills...
"Driving forwards is easy. Reversing is... weirdly much trickier. The key is to take it..."


How to Take a Car for a Test Drive...
"Taking a test drive is a vital part of choosing the right car for you. Don’t consider handing over any..."


Are you one of the Young Irish Women Who Suffer from Road Rage?...
"Do bad drivers and rude manners on the road set your pulse sky-rocketing and your blood boiling? Well, you’re not..."


Driving Abroad This Summer?...
"Driving abroad might be a fun-filled exploit; however it could soon transform into a..."


Driving Your Car in an Unfamiliar Place...
"Driving on an unfamiliar road can easily result in an accident, especially if the..."


5 Clever Car Tricks for Frosty Mornings...
"Frost covered car windows has got to be one of the worst ways to start a day followed closely..."


Been promoted? Then you could be uninsured...
"Six in ten claimed to be driving without valid cover due to job title changes..."


Rise in cars breaking down after running out of fuel...
"An increasing number of motorists are breaking down because their vehicle runs out of fuel, according to new research..."


10 reasons NOT to drive on an empty tank of fuel...
"According to insurer LV=, 827,000 motorists had to be rescued after running out of..."

10/September/2015 launches its new website...
"We have revamped the look and feel of our website to provide more information and..."


Understanding Car Finance...
"Whatever type of finance you’re offered, always shop around and..."


Stay Safe at level Crossings...
"When using a level crossing, it's important that you safeguard your safety and..."


Tax disc loophole leaves angry drivers facing massive fines...
"Thousands of law-abiding motorists are having their cars towed away..."


10 reasons why Apple will be worrying car makers to the core...
"Thousands of law-abiding motorists are having their cars towed away..."


What to do if you breakdown when...
"Much of the technology nowadays in cars is safety-oriented, and much of it we take for granted. But the fact remains..."